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Making office tasks, dental treatment processes, and patients’ communications easily accessible on all mobile devices endows DentalTap to lead as one of the best dental practice software at GoodFirms.

Incorporated in April 2015, Dentaltap helps to digitize the systems for doctors and small clinics. The founders noticed that not only big hospitals but small dental clinics are also looking for a way to streamline their workflow, and so they formed an ecosystem for these clients to achieve the following results: 

Using Dentaltap, 10000+ dentists and clinics in 75 countries worldwide are currently scheduling more than 3500000 appointments.

The professional team believes that the dental market is most promising and has many opportunities to disrupt. Because of small units, dentists are more adoptive and willing to try new technologies. Ergo, Dentaltap’s team is always open for cooperation and is continuously looking for people to improve the quality of services provided and build together the next big things in the HealthTech industry.

The vision, priorities, and competencies of Dentaltap’s team are as follows:

— To build a digital ecosystem for dentistry by offering unique solutions and integration with partner equipment and applications.
— To build software that automatically collects data from X-ray images, intraoral cameras create diagnostic solutions based on AI.
— To customize medical information systems at the doctor-patient interface for public and private clinics of any profile.

The following features will enable one to think and opt Dentaltap:

It fills-in the dentist’s practice details, name, address, phone, website, etc. It uses this data for online appointment booking.

It adds profiles for all staff in a dentist’s clinic. Optionally, dentists can add more users like front-desk, administrators, and others.

It uploads a price list based on procedures and codes, or dentists can contact the team Dentaltap to import it from Excel or any other table.

It creates note templates and fills out a case history with one click, choosing a template.

It creates and prints invoices adding tax percentages and discounts. One can get reminders for unpaid bills in their calendar and manage patient perspective for treatment planning.

It creates and archives documents using the built-in editor and customizes the document template, and one can even print the form and send it to the patient.

It helps get medical history and diagnosis for each tooth by marking the diagnosis in the dental card according to ICD-10.

Using an online booking widget, one can synchronize in real-time with their schedule and free time slots. It will automatically add the number of visits to the dentist’s calendar.

Thus, the features mentioned above and a few others enable Dentaltap to thrive at GoodFirms as one of the best dental practice software amongst the listed ones. 

Subscription prices may differ by region. One will be able to see the final price only after registration. The free subscription is limited as per the number of patient records and is not limited by the time of use. For large Dental Practices and Hospitals, Dentaltap’s team does custom projects based on Open Source Dentaltap core. Usually, it takes 2-3 months to build a custom EHR Software and deploy it into the dentist’s local infrastructure or at Amazon Web Services.

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