Mobile dental application.

The smartphone has become an extension of your ideas, impressions and actions. In support of this vision, we have developed a mobile app to help you manage your daily practice tasks and create digital dentistry.

Options for using the application.

We offer 4 ways to use the application. Pick the one that works for you and manage your dental practice from your mobile device.

Mobile version for browser.

Log in from your smartphone at the login link on the site and choose to use the software in the mobile version of your browser.

Application integrated with the program.

You can use the mobile app installed on your smartphone or work with the web application from your laptop.

A stand-alone mobile app for solo practice.

This version of the app works as a standalone IT solution and is designed to automate your individual practice.

A stand-alone mobile app for the team.

Work on mobile devices as a team. The app includes all of your practice settings in addition to the basic functionality.

The main functions of the application.

All the practice details are on your smartphone.

Our mobile dental application replicates the functions of the main software program. You can keep patient records, schedule appointments, make treatment plans, see practice analytics, and more.

  • Appointments.
  • Time Slots.
  • Simple Notes.
  • Tasks List.
  • Patients.
  • Groups.
  • Storage.
  • Discounts.
  • Insurances.
  • Diagnoses (ICD-10).
  • Procedures.
  • Dental Chart.

  • Invoices and Payments.
  • Reports and Analytics.

We are in the Top 10 dental software programs for 2022.

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