Dental Integrations Store.

The software has the ability to organize data exchange with dental equipment and business applications. We have placed all these integrations in a special section of the software – Integrations Store.

Hardware and applications.

As of today, more than 30 different integrations have been placed in the store. If you haven’t found the one you need, we will connect it at your request.

  • Smal intraoral cameras.
  • Portable X-Ray digital cameras.
  • 3D CBCT Digital Imaging.
  • CRM, calendars, insurance.
  • POS systems and accouting.

Intraoral cameras, X-Ray, CBCT.

Integration with dental equipment

The value of integration is that the images are automate loaded into the software and attached to the desired patient record.

There are several integration scenarios. First, the images are transferred directly from the equipment. The second, through the software that comes with the equipment or from the vendor’s cloud.

  • Works with all devices that support TWANE standard.

Partner business applications.

Calendars, payments, accouting, insurance

Often you may use more than one business application in your practice. We support integration with web applications so that your practice data is used as efficiently as possible. For this purpose, we have developed an open API with which any vendor can connect to our software independently. Below we have described some scenarios for exchanging data between applications, but there are many more.

  • Recording appointments in the Google calendar.
  • Uploading new patient information to Hubspot CRM.
  • Offloading a transaction from the POS terminal to our software.

Some of the other vendors.

We are in the Top 10 dental software programs for 2022.

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